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Launching a new product or service today is not what it used to be ten (twenty) years ago. Back in the day, all you would need to do is hire a public relations agency to help craft a simple press release and set your company, your product, and your services up for a press tour. But for the good or the bad, those days are long gone. Today, the pace of news is limited only by the speed of light. In fact, the entire landscape of marketing and branding of a product has become paradoxically more difficult in gaining the necessary attention of your intended market. Because of this, it is imperative that the launch of your product is focused on your customers.

To start, a business is birthed with the simply mentality of knowing and understanding the customer’s overall need. Before launching your new product, think backwards. Brainstorming on how you can make the product something your targeted market would want to buy should be your main priority in framing your overall launch. Think of it in this way; the customers within your intended market are usually looking for something specific. They have wants and needs and are looking to accomplish that with those related to their inherent desires.  Because of that, you want to make sure your vision, your products, and your services can meet their overall intentions.

One way to help with this process is by directly involving your targeted customers in the creation of your product. For many successful companies like Apple or Nike, they look to the feedback of their customers to help shape and frame their products in the most marketable way possible. Remember, the product and service needs to emphasize how it can affect the market. This in turn takes a lot of discipline and ‘customer knowledge’ in order for things to run smoothly. While the rest of your company may be excited by the innovative nuances of your product, you want to make sure your customers can easily acclimate to its ideas and services. If not, then you are definitely gearing up your launch with some speed bumps.

To make sure your product launch is hitting the needs of your market, make sure you provide various controlled tests. Even bring in some opinionated leaders in examining your launch strategy. This type of personalized feedback can help you make any alterations necessary before your launch day.

Now when you actually launch your product and service, make sure you have built a vocal community around the product. In the world of business, branding will always be the key to your product. It is associate the dreams, goals, and service your company is trying to sell to your customers. For most of the general public, customers are influenced heavily on the brand itself. If it is a brand that they can trust, they will usually, in most cases, buy and test out the product. Even if it didn’t meet their expectations like Google did with Google Glasses, it does not mean your customer base will falter. Instead, use their advice and feedback as the cornerstone of growth. Allow it to build your products to something more efficient and effective each and every day.

Lastly, for any launch to be successful, it is imperative that you get your products on any local retailers’ shelves first. As much as you want to get your product out there to big chain stores like Target or Walmart, you also want to leverage those easy wins too. Various small mom-and-pop shops will promote your product far more and far longer than a larger retailer would. In fact, the overall success can lay the foundation within these small communities. In addition, it will give you a stronger idea of what you can alter and change for your next launch in the future.