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Small businesses today depend on internet visibility in order to get a good client inflow. This depends on the search engine optimization (SEO) that is used by all main search engine to find and rate content. In order to appear in the front searches, one must have a good understanding of how SEO works. Here are the basic reasons why a site’s SEO may be weak and how this can be fixed so the business has greater visibility to customers.

SEO Function
The role of SEO is to bring in traffic to a website and give it a higher rank in Google search results. The basics of how SEO works is using keywords that are part of the niche that a site represents.

If SEO is done properly, when someone searches for things related to what they are interested and it happens to be the niche of the particular site, that site will pop up in the first page of Google. This is important since people rarely turn to the results found on the next pages.

Quality Content
Other than keywords, the SEO of the content on a website also depends on the quality of the information. When creating a site or a blog, the content should be something that is relevant to the niche that it is part of. The more valuable the information inside, the better the SEO. This is also a way to get potential customers to use the services of the business.

When content has no value to it, visitors will skim through it and leave quickly. The same goes for the Google systems that check the content for any signs of offensive content, broken links, and sources that are not authoritative. Content is a key player in created strong SEO for your small business.

Updated Words
The best way to add proper keywords in content is to use the Google Keyword Planner. The words that are chosen are going to rank the site much higher. The idea is to constantly update the information about what keywords are most relevant in the given timespan and use them.

As SEO trends change quickly, some businesses will start to rank high, and then they fall out. New words are constantly coming up and becoming more popular than the old ones. That is why new keywords should be added each time you produce new content.

Keyword Stuffing
While keywords are essential in SEO, when they are stuffed in a small part of the content, the rating of the page goes down substantially. Usually, the best percentage for the use of keywords is between 0.5 – 2.5%. The keywords should be kept in that frame so that Google’s algorithms do not detect keyword stuffing.