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Whether you are a new startup company or one that has been established for years, it is absolutely imperative that you keep the public and targeted audience interested in the on goings of your company. In the business sector, having that level of attraction and interest can be a sole definer for the intended success of your company’s future. Even when there are mistakes, that level of trust you have built with your customers and clients will always be the true secret in overcoming any hurdles.

But how do you attract interest within your business? To go even further than that, how do you maintain that level of positive attention year after year?

When it comes to building interest and trust within your business, it is imperative that you understand that this deep-rooted relationship does take time. Even for successful startups, establishing your presence as a responsible and dependable company can take months, even years, to build as your company continues the grow. The reason is because the general market wants to make sure your company is representative and accommodating for their needs. To establish this, you want to make sure you are of course entering the mentality and mindset of your market.

Begin by focusing on the customer’s problems. In order to attract that high level of interest within your business, you want to make sure you are tapping the focus of the general public. In many of my blogs, I tend to highlight the ‘customer problems’ and ‘customer feedback’ as the backbone of your business. While others can disagree, I will continue to stand by that statement. Like it or not, your customers are the livelihood of your business. They inspire innovation and creativity and push you to go beyond the norm of what they know. By internalizing the problems in the perspective of your customers, you will be able to find viable solutions and marketable products for your company. At the end of the day, entrepreneurs and business leaders do not need to their product as much as they need the feedback and guidance of their targeted audience in order to move forward each and every day.

Now to of course establish your business and highlight that interest within your company, it is always important for you to define your expertise. For many businesses this can be challenging because of the product or trade they are trying to sell. But in order to stand out amongst your competition, you want to make sure you can highlight the overall knowledge and proficiency within your company. For those of you who are selling more technical products such as finance or technological service, this can be easy. But for companies embarking on selling everyday products, this can be quite challenging. To help establish that expertise, try to utilize various controlled test and statistics within your pitches. Allow your statistics to speak for themselves. The more evidence you can show against your competition, the better. This will allow the general public to view you as the leaders and experts within your field.

Now, to establish that long everlasting relationship with your clients, you want to make sure you are providing sense of confidence and trust for each and every one of your clients. For many customers, they establish this sense of company loyalty because of the relationships they have fostered in the past. In order for you to establish that trust, you want to make sure you are 100% transparent with your customers. That means being truthful and accurate about any significant changes or client dissatisfactions, keeping promises, establishing a two-way communication, and being timely and responsive. Even if the mistake is on your end, you want to make sure your customers are aware of that. Mistakes will happen, and they can be forgiven too. But not acting on one can send a negative message on the company as a whole. As stated above, your customers are the backbone and foundation of your business’s success. While it may not always be the easiest thing to deliver transparent news to customers, it will make a longer and more crucial difference in the long run