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At the early stages of your startup, founders often struggle to come up with a strong underlying message that is relatable to the everyday problems of the general public. As much as they can speak about the product and the company, relaying that information to the consumer base market can be more challenging that the design and product itself. In reality, this type of challenge is not surprising. Coming up with a simple yet appealing message that can hit home with everyday people can be a huge defining moment in the growth of your business. Because of its impact, you want to make sure you invest the necessary time, money, and resources to simplify and perfect your story in the most attractive way possible. But to do this, you first have to start by looking at your journey in a holistic bird’s eye view.

Now, when it comes your message, you want to make sure that it can resonate with the public. Having that deeper underlying connection with your customers, investors, and potential employees will provide your brand to speak loudly to why people should think, buy, and invest into your ideas. To start, look at your message as a particular journey where every touch point can shape your vision and goals for the future. Yes, your message can be accommodated with cliché phrases like ‘change the world,’ ‘innovation,’ and ‘way to a bigger and brighter future.’ But you also want to make sure there is particular informative value into what you are saying. At the end of the day, all of these points send a message about your company and your goals. To establish your brand, start off with where it first happened. Dive in deeper with the problem.

When branding your message, you want to make sure you can speak beyond your business’s solution. Many investors and buyers are constantly introduced to new and innovative ideas. But the ones that continue to resonate with them are those that they can relate to. With your story, make sure you highlight the overarching problem that is plaguing the general public today. Speak loudly to how it is negatively impacting their lives and why this problem needs to stop. Even go as far as to provide them with a particular example. Having this as your starting point is not only a great way to introduce your product and your company, but also to strategic way of capturing the attention of your audience.

Once you have highlighted the problem, you should transition immediately into your product. Now to do this in the most optimal way possible, make sure your explanation is simple yet appealing. At times, business leaders make the drastic assumption that their audience will automatically understand how their product will work just from a sheer explanation of the problem. Unless the audience is in the same field as you, you will definitely need to make sure you can simply your explanation to a point where you can explain it to an eight-year old child. That type of explanation will allow you to position your message in the most basic way possible so that you can reach a grander market than what you have intended.

Now to help establish your message, make sure you provide facts and statistics on the overall success you are seeing with your business. To further build up your credibility, try including positive comparisons with your product and your competitors. Having these numbers in your arsenal will allow you to showcase how well aware and well attuned you are to the overall general public. In addition, make sure you follow the Four 4 E’s of Messaging: Explain, Emotion, Evoke Questions, and Exclude/Include ideas. By following these highlighted points, you will be able to frame your message in an interest and engaging approach.

Last but not least, make sure you have the necessary resources to showcase your company’s vision. Many people have done this through various visual aids such as PowerPoint slideshow and visual media based presentation. Whatever you can do to get your audience hooked on it, make sure it happens. Sometimes, all people need is a two-minute video segment of what can eventually change the rest of their lives.