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Have you heard of corporate social responsibility or CSR? It’s becoming increasingly important in the business realm, especially for companies looking to attract top talent. If you aren’t familiar with CSR, you might find you have a few policies that fit under this umbrella. First, what is exactly is CSR?

What Is CSR?

Corporate social responsibility refers to a company’s responsibility to abide by sustainable practices on a social, economic and environmental level. CSR policies can deal with green practices, extensive employee benefits and a commitment to a cause or community. In recent years, CSR has been increasing important for any business trying to attract top-level talent in its recruitment process.

Do Candidates Care?

In the past, many professionals wanted to get their paycheck and get out. Now, millennials are quickly becoming the dominant component of the workforce and they have a different viewpoint. Career advancement and benefits are important, but many young professionals prefer to work with companies that have excellent CSR policies and admirable leaders. Millennials are too familiar with the competitive job market and newspaper headlines with the next enterprise scandal to jeopardize a career with a potentially unsustainable company.

How Do You Improve Your CSR?

If you are trying to recruit, you might want to improve your CSR to attract the right candidates. As a member of the entrepreneurship field, how do you update your CSR image?

  • Make your CSR policies a prominent part of your career page.
  • Inform your recruiters about the importance of CSR and your company’s current policies.
  • Make CSR a firm part of your brand.

After you have your updated CSR policies in place and have everyone on the same page, you may find you attract more dedicated candidates or a boost in morale around the office. People want to enjoy where they work and CSR is an important part of the equation.