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Small business owners looking to boost their sales in 2019 should start now to make changes to their marketing strategy. Businesses that focus on having a content-heavy marketing strategy will fare better than companies with no real plan for sharing their content.

Businesses looking to revamp their content marketing strategies should look to the best prospective trends for 2019. The following strategies are the best options for small businesses to consider in the coming year:

Detail the Distribution Workflow
Distribution workflows for content are important for companies hoping to improve their ROI. With a plan in place to distribute the material their small business creates, founders will be better able to optimize their engagement opportunities. The strategy must be specific to how the content will be distributed, focusing on details like the time the content will be posted and what platforms they will be posted to.

Analyze the Format Structure
Most content marketers tend to focus on creating blog posts, rather than using their efforts to put together more detailed content campaigns that can be used on various platforms. While text-based articles are important, business owners should also consider utilizing various forms for sharing their content. This includes image-based marketing like infographics and video-based formats like vlogs and webinars.

Put Together Content Asset Inventory
Having an inventory of a one’s brand assets will help to improve content marketing. This inventory should include previous posts, visual marketing graphics, and other items shared to social media, the business website, and the Internet in general.

Focus on Link Analysis
Low-quality links are no longer acceptable for businesses hoping to rank high on the most popular search engines. To improve one’s SEO and increase their content marking ROI, businesses need to understand how to source high-quality links. To do this, brands need to perform more of detailed analysis for their links going to and from their website. This will help to ensure that the company is working to build a network of higher quality links.

Old links should be updated within old posts, dead links should be removed, and backlinks on contact sites should be maintained to ensure that they’re linking to the right page. Content marketing is an ever-expanding process. Businesses should use this guide to ensure that their content marketing efforts are as effective as possible.