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Whether you are starting a career in entrepreneurship or riding a successful wave, it always helps to know what’s happening in the industry. To stay updated and get some great advice, try reading these top 5 entrepreneurship books.

1. The Startup Playbook by David Kidder

David Kidder, the author, collected the entrepreneurship experiences from the industry’s top contenders so you know where to go from the beginning. From finding your niche to understanding effective management styles, you’ll get a clear idea of the best path forward.

2. Creativity, Inc. by Ed Catmull

What drives an innovative culture? How can you build a company that will adapt well to whatever the future might bring? This book delves into the mind of a CEO so you gain access to insight into business leadership.

3. True North by Peter Sims & Bill George

Leadership is key in any successful company, so the authors of this book surveyed 125 business leaders and asked, “What made you a successful leader?” The answers probably aren’t what you’re expecting, but you’ll definitely finish the book with a greater sense of your own personal leadership.

4. Zero to One by Peter Thiel

This book focuses specifically on the startup community and how a business builds a niche from scratch. Plus, it gives insights into top business strategies and generating new ideas.

5. ThinkerToys by Michael Michalko

According to this book, it’s time to start thinking of creativity as a skill that can be developed. If you are having trouble with new ideas, this book comes with over 30 exercises and more to help you brainstorm.

Once you’ve read through these books, think about what strategies might work for you and experiences you’ve had that match what you’ve read. Begin crafting a plan to bolster your business and see if you can take your next big step in your entrepreneurship career.